The Twelve Hotel Case Study


The Twelve Hotel; Village of Barna, Ireland

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An Award-Winning Boutique Hotel in Ireland Understands the Value of Indoor Air Quality

When Georgina Campbell's Ireland named The Twelve Hotel as "Ireland’s hotel of the year", the acclaimed hospitality guide observed that the hotel, nestled in the seaside Village of Barna, “sings of quality and innovation at every level.” This quality and innovation now extends to the hotel’s indoor air.

Guests with breathing challenges, chemical or pet sensitivities, or a deeply held concern for their health can enjoy pristine air throughout The Twelve, thanks to the installation of Plasma Air’s bipolar ionization technology. For upscale hotels such as The Twelve, expectations are changing. It is no longer sufficient to offer superior spa therapies, ultra-luxury bedding, and locally sourced cuisine. As industry analysts and media have reported, hotels of this caliber must also continually cleanse indoor air of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pollen, bacteria, mold, particulate matter, and other irritants.

With asthma and allergies on the rise globally and increasing public awareness of indoor air pollutants, discerning guests insist on no less. In fact, in a survey conducted by the International Hotel and Restaurant Association, 60% of frequent travelers reported suffering poor sleep, runny nose, sneezing, or headache as a result of poor hotel air quality. “Providing clean air is one way we demonstrate our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our guests and staff,” says Fergus O’Halloran, The Twelve’s managing director.

As health organizations worldwide have cautioned, indoor pollutant levels are commonly two to five times higher than outdoor levels. Even hotels that are well-ventilated and cleaned to the highest standards will harbor chemical and biological pollutants. Dust, pollen, vehicle exhaust, and other sources of particulate matter waft inside through doors, windows, and air intakes. Other pollutants emanate from inside hotels. Cleaning solvents, off-gassing paint or furniture, and fragrances worn by guests can all emit VOCs, while mold and bacteria are commonly found in duct work and behind walls.

What’s more, routine hotel cleaning — vacuuming, drawing drapes, lifting mattresses, fluffing the goose-down duvets — stirs up dust and microorganisms that can exacerbate allergies or trigger illness in vulnerable guests. “We know particles invisible to the naked eye can cause discomfort to some of our guests, so, like everything we do, we made it our mission to solve this problem.” says O’Halloran.

A Gold Medal Award Winner for green hospitality, The Twelve Hotel has converted to low-energy lighting and biodegradable coffee cups, straws, has a 94% recycling rate, and its renowned spa selects natural products made from seaweed. The hotel’s air-purification choice is in accordance with this environmental consciousness: Bipolar ionization destroys pollutants without the use of chemical fragrance or other masking agents, without generating harmful byproducts, and with minimal energy usage.

Plasma Air’s technology is not only safe and cost effective but also powerful. Demonstrated to outperform UV lights, HEPA filters, and other alternatives, bipolar ionization is used in hospitals to kill dangerous bacteria and viruses and at wastewater treatment plants to eradicate noxious odors. The plasma tubes within the units generate millions of positively and negatively charged ions that instantaneously destroy pollutants and pathogens. “Our Plasma Air system is fantastic,” reports O’Halloran. “It quickly eliminates any VOCs and really comes into play during any regular maintenance work.”

To meet The Twelve Hotel’s particular needs, Plasma Air installed portable, wall-mounted units as well as in-duct ionization units within the HVAC system. For example, larger spaces, such as the wedding reception area and busy Pins Gastro Bar, were outfitted with Plasma Air’s 50 Series tube-style ionizers. In smaller areas — the lobby, restaurant restrooms, guestrooms, and garbage room — the Novaerus Protect 800 medical-grade portable units were mounted on the walls.

The Twelve Hotel happens to be among Ireland’s most dog friendly accommodations, offering two pet suites, a pet menu and room service for pooches. So Plasma Air installed small 100 Series ionizers in close proximity to its pet-friendly suites. “We don’t have the slightest worry about pet odors,” O’Halloran notes. Guests often visit the West of Ireland to feel the invigorating blasts of seaside air. Those staying at The Twelve Hotel can also enjoy this fresh, healthy air within the hotel’s walls.


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