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Air Purification Technology Taking Growers to New Heights

In his 6 years as a Colorado cannabis grower and nationwide industry consultant, Willy Gardiner has learned plenty about what works, and what doesn’t, for high quality indoor cannabis cultivation. Humidity and temperature control, air circulation, anti-fungal sealants, proper tying of plants — all are important, says Gardiner.

But among the most critical tools is a process many growers are not yet familiar with: Plasma Air’s ionization technology.

“Plasma Air is one of the keys to achieving and maintaining high potency and aboveaverage yield per grow light,” says Gardiner, founder of The Garden grow company. “And in the long run, ionization is more cost effective.”

Bipolar ionization, achieved by Plasma Air ionizers installed in grow, curing and drying rooms, creates both positive and negative ions. In combination, these ions break down and remove odor-causing volatile organic compounds from the air in addition to reducing mold growth and bacteria.

Odor control is, of course, a regulatory requirement for most cannabis growers, not to mention a critical consideration for getting along with neighbors.

Gardiner has used Plasma Air units in more than 20 grow rooms and has managed over 350,000 square feet of canopy and is currently advising on the development of a 600,000 square foot grow facility. Since installing Plasma Air units in his facilities in 2015, Gardiner notes that he has less mold buildup in AC units, cleaner condensate and seen a significant increase in cannabis yield and quality.

The Plasma Air units allow plants — not just cannabis but any plant — to essentially “drink in” purified air all day long. For cannabis growers, this means a better grow environment and reduced financial risk.

What’s more, growers can reduce costs, as Plasma Air ionizers need only an annual tube replacement, compared to several times a year for typical filters (in addition to periodic fan maintenance). Plasma Air products eliminate the need for carbon/charcoal filters.

Growing cannabis brings with it plenty of HVAC design challenges, but thanks to Plasma Air, managing the air quality is no longer among them.


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