Lucky Dog Casino Case Study


Lucky Dog Casino; Shelton, WA

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Providing a safe and healthy environment is of critical importance for casino owners and operators as the market grows increasingly competitive with each passing year. According to the 2016 edition of Rubin Brown's Gaming Statistics, the U.S. gaming industry has grown by more than $5 billion to $71.1 billion in the past nine years with the addition of 90 new casinos nationwide. Due to widely-adopted legislation designed to combat the various issues associated with indoor smoking, many casinos throughout the country have transitioned to smoke-free establishments, eliminating second-hand smoke inhalation and lingering unpleasant odors throughout the environment.

Today's patrons have grown to expect a high level of air quality for a worry-free and comfortable gaming experience, leaving many smoker-friendly casino owners and operators with a major challenge. To remain competitive, these establishments must discover the perfect balance between safety and enjoyment to generate an environment that allows customers and employees to remain healthy.


Lucky Dog Casino is located north of Shelton, Washington on the Skokomish Reservation and is wholly owned by the Skokomish Tribe of Washington State. Reservations are not subject to the strict smoking regulations enforced by the state government on non-tribal casinos. Given their exemption, the casino's operators must take into consideration the health and comfort of all patrons, smokers and non-smokers alike, and provide their customers with a first-rate gaming experience that can remain comeptitive with smoke-free establishments.

Unfortunately, given the high volume of smokers within Lucky Dog Casino, the owners regularly received complaints regarding tobacco smoke and associated odors from both patrons and employees. Recognizing that customer satisfaction and employee comfort were of the utmost importance for their business model, Lucky Dog sought out new and innovative solutions for managing and reducing the amount of tobacco smoke throughout the facility while still maintaining smoker-friendly status to cater to a wide array of patrons. As a high level of smoke particles and harmful toxins circulated throughout the building, Lucky Dog needed an effective solution for reducing harmful and unpleasant cigarette smoke and associated odors on the casino floor.


After vetting muliple companies that offer air purification solutions, Lucky Dog Casino decided to deploy Plasma Air's air purification system to neutralize cigarette smoke particulate and associated odorous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). In anticipation of their working together, Plasma Air performed a site inspection and evaluation free-of-charge, and offered to partner with Lucky Dog's existing HVAC service provider to install a custom solution consistent with the facility's long-term needs.

Plasma Air's innovative solution utilizes the natural process of bipolar ionization to reduce both harmful toxins and unpleasant odors without masking these odors with perfumes or using toxic ozone systems. As air passes over the ionization tubes, milions of ions are created, which travel through the duct system and out onto the gaming floor to attack odorous VOCs and harmful pollutants on a molecular level. Working with the HVAC system and HVAC service provider, the Plasma Air ionizers were quickly and easily installed. Plasma Air installed four model 51F and three model 201E ionization systems, one in each of the casino's seven Roof Top Units (RTUs). The time from purchase order to installation was no more than a few weeks.


Upon installation of Plasma Air's ionization technology, complaints regarding cigarette smoke and odors literally ceased, and employees reported a higher level of comfort during their shifts. Now gaming in a healthy environment, smoking and non-smoking patrons extended their stay at Lucky Dog without feeling uncomfortable or needing to step outside of the facility to get some fresh air.

As Peter Robb, Director of Operations at Lucky Dog Casino, explained, "Since installing the Plasma Air system, we have received zero odor complaints from customers. Our employees also noticed an immediate improvement in air quality, stating that their clothes no longer smelled of smoke after the workday. My advice to other casinos looking for an air quality solution? Talk to Plasma Air first, and you'll see quickly that others don't even come close."

Plasma Air President, Larry Sunshine, added, "We are thrilled to hear of the incredible success Lucky Dog Casino has experienced with our air purification system, and look forward to learning of their increased revenue resulting from the significantly improved air quality in the casino."


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